AFL Pikinini Kik 8 Week Program Kicks Off

The 8 week Pikinini Kik program kicks off on Saturday 2nd April at the Kazza Field with large number of pikininis attending the program.

32 kids filled and handed in their registration forms during that day. Kids that attend the registration day on Saturday 19th April bring along their friends and relatives during the first day of the program to be also part of the program. This has showed that many children are interested in the program and are eager to learn the Australian Rules Football.

As part of the 8 week program, kids learned on the first day basic ball handling skills taken by 3 senior players, Robin Norman, Kilip Andrew and Stanley Wayne. To start the day of, the kids played Roll Over and Mr Robin Norman as the Vampire and, Cat and Mouse as their warm up exercise and to bring the spirit of footy before their ball handling lesson. Kids are divided into 3 groups according to their age and learned the ball handling skills.

Despite the grass is thick and the small rain, it does not stop the kids from learning footy. Kids really enjoyed themselves and had so much fun.12419246_529894510522305_8156308292982531685_o12440731_529894333855656_651580050053733688_o12719509_529893713855718_5955291816748096467_o12888499_529893380522418_2960373168271763516_o12901011_529894290522327_5216336581760121406_o12901026_529894113855678_4297781601626679636_o12916892_529894083855681_4508673396636158768_o12916172_529894487188974_1327779749592981947_o12916774_529893853855704_7394793412187490914_o12936665_529894553855634_2482544076797761940_n