Lightning Carnival (Monday December 3, 2018)

Game 1 Versus Pacific All-Stars

Our Oceania cup week started off in excellent conditions at Suva’s Albert Park, 8 weeks of training had come to an end and we were now in a real game. Our Captain for this game Ace Garae Gesa won the toss but the Pacific All-Stars had the first foray forward. In an even contest early, we were able to get the first goal through Kieron Meake, who was instrumental in a number of our forward moves with good kicking to position. Juniour Willie Telkrap was sound in defence along with Brayan Malas. Maeno Taiwa took some good early marks in our forward line, and our second goal came through Eddie Tom. Our boys were really engaged in the game and playing with confidence. Ronnie Hinge and Steven Caleb were working hard to maintain the pressure around the ball. The defenders in Elkana Chan and Athurnaz “Travis” Lenge kept the All-Stars from scoring any goals in the first half.

After half time, Leonce Warsal went to the backline where he had a massive presence, continually repelling the All Stars attempts to score. We scored our third goal in the middle of the 2nd half, a great team effort to get the ball forward where Sandy Lop finished it off  with a goal from in-close. Charles Kennedy and Suley Takal continued to provide good run for the team and Brayan Malas continued to rebound strongly from defence. There were lots of smiles went the final siren sounded, a really positive win and a great start to the week.

Vanuatu Volcanoes   3-3-21 Defeated Pacific All-Stars 1-3-9

Game 2 Versus Fiji Local Tribe

Our captain for this game Junior Willie Telkrap won the toss and kicked with the wind but Fiji had all the initial play, our defenders were really tested, Maeno, Travis, Elkana, Brayan and Tom Tamuri were in a real contest. Leonce Warsal was battling hard in the ruck but we couldn’t win enough of the ball to put the pressure back onto Fiji and our tackling wasn’t at the required level. We started to win the ball and get it forward, but we missed our opportunities and kicked points and out of bounds. This was a great learning experience for our team, we had the chance to be right with the opposition but didn’t take our chances.

In the 2nd half, Fiji took control of the game and the Volcanoes dropped in confidence and didn’t play with the same level of spirit that we saw earlier in the day.

Vanuatu Volcanoes 0-3-3 were defeated by Fiji Local Tribe 5-7-35

Following the game the team went to a swimming pool for a recovery session and then had a meeting where the discussion was around “what did we learn?” Everyone agreed we had a positive first day, but there are a number of areas we need to improve for our Oceania Cup game tomorrow at 11am. Our preparation has already started….the Volcanoes are in great spirits.

The AFL South Pacific Oceania games happen every year during December that brings together all the best Under 16 players from each countries across the Pacific competing in Suva Fiji. AFL Vanuatu had a chance to compete in 2017 u/16 AFL Oceania game and finally ended up at 3rd place with very good performance from all the players.

The outcome of the game was successful with 2 players from AFL Vanuatu , George Garae and Desire Timothy, getting selected to be part of the AFL South Pacific Talent Camp Queensland U16’s Championship in Brisbane from the 1st of May 2018 to the 8th.

We also had the opportunity to send one of our senior women, Jesta Toka to take part in the Giants womens training  on 7th  March 2018.

The past 2 years our Senior grand final was a very challenging one. Malapoa College ended up with Seveners Saints in 2016 Grand Final and ran away with gold Medal. The same two teams ended up in 2017 Grand Final and this time the Seveners Saints won the 2017 AFL Vanuatu Grand Final with  great excitement.

We have recently relocated our training grounds to Holiday Inn next to Rowing Club.


AFL Vanuatu funds all of our programs through sponsorship and fund raising. We are always on the lookout for individuals and organizations that want to assist us in promoting Australian Rules football through Vanuatu.
In Vanuatu it is not just about AFL. Using AFL programs from Pikinini Kik programs in primary school through to our senior competition we aim to provide a platform for the youth of Vanuatu to engage in activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices and engage socially with
Following Tropical Cyclone Pam last year fund raising has become extremely difficult with most local business feeling the economic pressure. So
We are actively looking for support from companies based in Australia. If you are interested in being involved in any way then please contact us via email.

Currently AFL Vanuatu enjoy financial support from the following companies:

Trilogy IT –
Vanuatu Spirit –
Vancorp Constructions –
Credit Corporation (Vanuatu)

Australian Partners
Olinda Ferny Creek Football Netball Club –
Concordia College (Adelaide S.A.) Football Outreach Vanuatu –

AFL South Pacific

Senior Training

AFL Vanuatu Senior trainings are held every Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:00pm at the Kazza Field (Korman). AFL Vanuatu Senior player as well as coach for Senior trainings, Mr. Kilip Andrew, is working very hard to train these senior boys and girls to get them ready for their upcoming games on July 2016.

There are six AFL clubs attending training sessions every Mondays and Thursdays: Malapoa College, Severners, Onesua College, Mele, Errakor and Ifira. AFL Vanuatu is alo looking forward to having girls team. So far two girls clubs has confirmed to play: Erasa and Pango. Looking forward for more girls club to come and be part of AFL Vanuatu.

5th Week Of Pikinini Kik

Beautiful sunny day for another week to play more footy. Today the coaches test the kids on the skills they have gone through the past 4 weeks of the program. The Kids are divided into three groups taken by couch four senior players.

Kids go through handball, Kicking, Marking and Picking up. The kids are doing so great and it really amazed the coaches. It shows that they have been concentrating and have been doing some practise too at home. The coaches are very happy. The kids are now ready to play their games on the following Saturday which is 7th May 2016.

At the end, Kids are divided into their teams. There are four teams which will be competing against each other. The Pikinini’s are now eager and looking forward to their games.

AFL Vanuatu is advising all parents to come down at the Kazza Filed (Korman) on Saturday 7 May 2016 to support and cheer up for their children.

4th Week of Pikinini Kik Program

Fourth Week of Auskick turned out great. Beautiful Sunshine to start of another day for kids to learn more footy.

Kids practised how to move towards ball and pick up ball by bending knees and scoop ball with 2 hands. Also by bringing ball into chest and keep moving forward. The kids end their Auskick day by playing a short game in their own groups. It gives out a wonderful feeling when you see kids put in what they have learnt into a game.

Next Pikinini Kik session the coaches will skill test the kids on how much they have learnt so far.


3rd Week Of Pikinini Kik Program


It was a wet morning but it does not stop kids coming to Auskick. Coach Stanley Wayne took the kids for their warm up exercise and then kids were divided into four groups to begin their lesson. The kids learn how to do Marking in Three different kinds of ways.

First they practice how to Chest Mark. The coach hold the ball out to side flat and child rums and scoop ball out of partners hands.

Second, Window Mark. Coach hold ball to side- up and down, and child runs takes ball out of hand while fingers wrapping around the ball.

Last, Overhead/ Specky Mark. The coach holds or throws the ball up and down and child runs and jump and take the ball





2nd Week of Pikinini Kik Program

Second week of Auskick at Kazza Field was very successful. Good sunny day for kids to play footy. Kids practiced more how to handball and kick the ball. Kids are divided into 4 groups according to their age. Kids age 5-7 years was taken by Coach Kilip Andrew. Whereas the rest from age 9-15 were taken by 4 senior players who are practicing their coaching experience, Robin Norman, Stanley Wayne, Ryan Bonga and Junior. Kids practice how to aim and kick ball through the goal posts.

At the end Kids get to play their favorite game, Roll over, before parents pick up time.

_MG_4447       _MG_4452


AFL Pikinini Kik 8 Week Program Kicks Off

The 8 week Pikinini Kik program kicks off on Saturday 2nd April at the Kazza Field with large number of pikininis attending the program.

32 kids filled and handed in their registration forms during that day. Kids that attend the registration day on Saturday 19th April bring along their friends and relatives during the first day of the program to be also part of the program. This has showed that many children are interested in the program and are eager to learn the Australian Rules Football.

As part of the 8 week program, kids learned on the first day basic ball handling skills taken by 3 senior players, Robin Norman, Kilip Andrew and Stanley Wayne. To start the day of, the kids played Roll Over and Mr Robin Norman as the Vampire and, Cat and Mouse as their warm up exercise and to bring the spirit of footy before their ball handling lesson. Kids are divided into 3 groups according to their age and learned the ball handling skills.

Despite the grass is thick and the small rain, it does not stop the kids from learning footy. Kids really enjoyed themselves and had so much fun.12419246_529894510522305_8156308292982531685_o12440731_529894333855656_651580050053733688_o12719509_529893713855718_5955291816748096467_o12888499_529893380522418_2960373168271763516_o12901011_529894290522327_5216336581760121406_o12901026_529894113855678_4297781601626679636_o12916892_529894083855681_4508673396636158768_o12916172_529894487188974_1327779749592981947_o12916774_529893853855704_7394793412187490914_o12936665_529894553855634_2482544076797761940_n