Final Day of 8 weeks Pikinini Kik Program

Today rounds up the final day, 21st May 2016, of the 8 weeks of Pikinini Kik Program and has seen kids excited to receive their certificates of attendance. AFL Vanuatu would like to say big thank you to parents who was present on that day to be part of the closing ceremony of the 8 weeks program. The parents were all given some AFL shirts and caps to wear on that day which was donated by AFL clubs in Australia.

AFL Vanuatu would like to congratulate these kids who turned up on this final day to receive their certificates. We receive very nice comments from parents thanking AFL Vanuatu for organising this program for children and they are looking forward for more programs to come in the near future. Massive thank you and Well Done to the five coaches who were always there to give trainings to these kids. Special Thank you to Vanuatu Spirit and other sponsors of AFL Vanuatu in Vanuatu and Overseas. We couldn’t have done this program without your generous help. Thank you. Thank you also to parents who were always at the Kazza field every Saturday morning to encourage these kids.

To parents who are keen to know about any other future programs of AFL Vanuatu, please feel free to contact AFL Vanuatu Program Manager, Nancy Patterson on Mob: 7762032 or email:

Week 7 of Pikinini Kik


Week Seven of Pikinini Kik program was amazing with 63 kids pop in at at Kazza (Korman) field to play. The Kids have started playing their games competiting against each other. There were four teams all together and two teams play against each other at the same time.

It was amazing to see kids putting in every ball skills they have learnt throughout the past six weeks into their games. It was a time of so much happiness and seeing a lot of parents coming down to watch and support their kids on their games was just fantastic.

The kids are looking forward for the final week to achieve their Certificates of attendance on Saturday 21st May. Big thank you to the faithful senior boys for their heart and time to come down every Saturday morning to coach these kids. AFL Vanuatu really appreciate your hard work. Thank you.

AFL Vanuatu Grand Final 2015

The main event of our 2015 AFL festival was the GF between the Malapoa College Kangaroos and the Seveners Saints.

In windy conditions both teams fought hard all day in a very low scoring game. With superb defence at both ends of the grounds scoring opportunities were few and far between.

The Kangaroos looked to have the game under control going into the last quarter but the Saints found something extra and had officials on edge for a draw.

In the end it was a 4 point win to the Kangaroos with the final score being Kangaroos 3-7 25  to  Saints 3-3 21 and Man of the match was Robin Jacob of the Kangaroos.

A special thanks to senior umpire Steve and the umpiring team from Concordia College.