Clubs & Teams

The senior competition is currently based around 6 individual teams. Listed below are the Men’s and Women’s Senior Teams along with the person to contact if you wish to know more information.

For Senior Men’s:

Ifira (Mark Niamak – +678 59 07343)

Mele (Robyn George – +678 56 65608)

Seveners (Mike Skepha –

Malapoa College (Shem Simon –

Onesua College (Mr. Bulu – 678 +77 77700)

Mormarte College (Mr. Harrison – +678 77 74234)

For Senior Women’s:

Mele (Robyn George – +678 56 65608)

Tamau (Mzbonee Aquarius –

Tasariki (Nancy Patterson –

Freswota (Jesta Toka – +678 73 83650)

Mormarte College (Mr Harrison – +678 77 74234)

We are currently trying to add at least 2 more teams to this competition. If your village or community wants to be one of these teams please contact our program manager. AFL Vanuatu will fully support any new teams that wants to be involved.

One of our key objectives is to evolve these teams into strong and stable clubs that can then take on the role of assisting is developing junior football and women’s football along with the